This Is Really Rob Astorino’s Desk

Blog- Astorino imagery
Rob Astorino might have grown up on the radio, but he also knows how to pack his campaign videos with powerful visual symbols. See how smartly he dresses up today’s set!

  1. Winston Churchill quote. Astorino is a fighter, a man’s man, and doesn’t care that recent polls show New Yorkers are not in the market for a new governor.
  2. New York apple. He’s not running for governor of North Dakota, right? If he were, there’d be a chokecherry on his desk.
  3. Script. Only liberals use a teleprompter.
  4. Ronald Reagan quote. Nothing says “bipartisan” like Ronald Reagan, whom Democrats and Republicans agree was our greatest governor.
  5. Potted plant. This campaign is going to be super exciting.
  6. New York state flag. Lest there be any lingering doubt.
  7. Card-sized memento. Too small to make out clearly, but obviously very important to the candidate, this could be either a 2002 David Wright minor league baseball card or a Holy Family rosary card. (Either way, it’s really spooky if you blow it up.) Update: Subsequent videos show this to be clearly a little league card of Astorino’s son.
  8. Hand-drawn U.S. flag. This may be New York, but thank goodness it’s also America.
  9. Family. Like all fathers, Astorino keeps reminders of his kids right behind him. So they don’t bother him while he’s working.
  10. More America. Astorino keeps this copy of the U.S. Constitution nearby to remind him that the Founders weren’t honest about the exclusionary effects of local zoning regulations either.