No Turning Back

Rob Astorino is running for governor.


Over the past three months, there have been a few possible interpretations of his intentions.

  • Post-re-election trip to P.R. and the GOP governors’ conference could have just been a well-deserved victory lap.

  • Subsequent flirting in Albany might have been to burnish his image at home and pick up contributions from upstate donors to fund additional pick-ups in Westchester 2015.

  • January tough-talk could have been a tryout for designated media guest during Cuomo’s cakewalk against Paladino/Trump, creating a what-if fantasy that would set him up for 2018.

But now that he’s registered Astorino for Governor, it’s on. If he were to back out now, NY Republicans have no one else to run, and they’ll blame him for stealing the wind from any other possible mainstream candidate. His flirting will look like teasing, which no one enjoys in public.

His folks are calling this an exploratory committee, but there’s no such thing in state law. It’s a campaign committee, with his name on it, registered to the same South Salem post office as his re-election committee. No more pretending otherwise.