Dems Test Astorino Hit

Over the long weekend, Westchester Democrats (presumably with some coaching and video production assistance) unveiled a first look at potential attacks on gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino.

The theme is Where Is Rob? — as in, Astorino has spent more time campaigning for governor than running Westchester County.

Salient points:

  1. Bond rating downgraded (right after Election Day)
  2. Rob Astorino = Chris Christie
  3. Feds are suing Westchester for not complying with Safe Drinking Water Act

The envelope is unimportant — no one cares if someone elected for one job is campaigning for another. Especially if, as is the case here, campaign time has been only 20%; that’s just taking Fridays off, hardly enough to jeopardize county government.

The goal here is to test some specific attacks and then poll to see what works. (I’ll be interested to see how well safe drinking water plays, since that’s one the Bramson campaign liked but couldn’t get to stick.)

Any one of these may be a useful distraction during the campaign, but don’t doubt what will be the main line of attack: Astorino is a social conservative in a state that’s proud of its married gays and seriously considering legalizing pot. Whether Astorino has had kind words for Christie is not important.

PS. What’s up with this?
Jenkins quote

Westchester Dems need a website editor who has some familiarity with Westchester Dems.

Update: This attribution has been fixed, with “former” added to Jenkins’ title.